10 Creative Ways to Sell Your House

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10 Creative Ways to Sell Your House

10 Creative Ways to Sell Your House

You build your house after putting in a lot of hard work, money, energy as well as emotions into it. Therefore selling a house requires an equally good strategy, so as to help you gain the maximum benefit out of it. At times, the sale amount is a part of the finances, which you have out together, in order to purchase a new house. Therefore, getting a good and lucrative deal is something you require essentially, so as to sell your house. However, selling a house in today’s market with a good deal is not something which looks easy to home owners as well as buyers. There are of course solutions to sell your house creatively.  Here are some tips mentioned to simplify this task for you:

Flaunt the drawbacks

Your house may have drawbacks – may be an over sized garage, or an area eaten up by the study, etc. Most sellers hide such flaws. This makes the buyers form a false impression of the house. And when they find out later, they might not be very kicked about the same. This makes you lose credibility, as well as creates unnecessary conflict. One and not as weak points, but as strengths of your house. In fact, it could be that what you consider as a flaw might turn out to be the exact requirement of the buyer. This will only help in boosting the value of your house.

Choose a Realtor carefully

Make sure that you choose a realtor carefully. For doing so, make an enquiry about the realtor. Try finding out the customer satisfaction percentage of the realtor you have in mind. Things that you should keep in mind is that the realtor will obviously go for a commission, however make sure it is not exceeding greatly from the market rate. This will not only diminish your profit but also diminish a prospective buyer’s interest.

Illustrate your house well at a site

Take a lot of pictures and upload them. It is advisable, though completely up to the seller, that you upload pictures of certain areas of the house with and without your family spending time there. The picture without the family will help the prospective buyer to decide practically the requirements and at the same time the pictures with the family will give it a good family value.

Virtual Tour

Create a video where you walk through the prospective buyer in a virtual tour, helping them to understand the house more actively. This attracts a lot of prospective buyers from a realtor site, since videos will be more descriptive than mere words or photographs taken.

Home Warranty

If your house is a bit old, it has chances of having certain problems that may have gone overlooked. This reduces the interest of the buyers in the property. However, there is a very simple way to deal with it. Offer a free home warrantee for any maintenance flaws on your part till six months of selling the house. This will interest a lot of buyers, even though the property is older than other properties in the market.

Offer a Floor Plan

Offer a well drafted official home plan blue print. Any modifications that may have been made by you should be mentioned and shown separately in a new floor plan. The modification should be flaunted and used to boost the value of the property.

Avoid meeting the Buyers during a tour

When a prospective buyer arrives at your property, try staying away from them. Let the realtor deal with them. They advertise your home better than you can. A buyer and you may not agree on certain issues which may not involve the house, during a casual conversation. You do not want such issues ruin a good opportunity of selling your house.

Arrange for an open house

An open house is when many prospective buyers come on a particular day in the presence of the realtor to have a detailed experience of the house. This will require you to also engage and converse with the prospective buyers for a brief while. Do not clear the decorative items from the rooms – they enhance the demand of the house. Also, make it a point to display enough family pictures taken within the house. This has a psychological effect on the clients and attracts them, giving them a happy family home effect.

Talk finance

Just for the sake of it, offer different possibilities of finance that you will help the prospective buyer arrange to buy the house. This will attract more clients and also at the same time assure that you receive the money without a problem. Take the help of your realtor with financial terms while you advertise the house for sale. Also, keep in touch with finance companies or banks – they will always welcome the opportunity of gaining a new client. This is all the more good for them since they can save on the advertisement charges. Interestingly there may be a possibility that finance companies may pay you a very minor commission as well.

Advertise on Social Media

Try and involves as many social media platforms as possible. Make your friends share the pages for your advertisement. This will look after the PR value, giving it an informal and homely feeling about it. If your friends comment on the shares with positive reviews, including their experiences – it will attract a lot of attention. This is a very effective but almost free way of publicising your house that you plan to sell.

The tips mentioned above are very effective at attracting the clients. You may even use other methods to attract clients, however it is strongly advisable that the new techniques you use do not clash with or nullify the effect created by the methods mentioned above. These tips are well approved by sellers and realtors. Following them along with the right advice from your realtor can get you a great deal on the house.

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