5 Kitchen Decor Trends for Home Sellers

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5 Kitchen Decor Trends for Home Sellers

5 Kitchen Decor Trends for Home Sellers

Home sellers are always looking for more ways to boost their home’s resale value and make their home more attractive to home buyers. One of the best ways to do this is by remodeling the kitchen. As the heart of many households, the kitchen is a draw to home buyers who enjoy entertaining and who spend a lot of time cooking. The following design trends can make kitchens more attractive to today’s buyers.

Stone Countertops

For many years, granite was the go-to countertop material for home remodelers. Although stone is still the preference for many residential kitchens, homeowners now consider a variety of stones when choosing their countertop material.

Kitchen Decor Trend

Kitchen Decor Trend

One popular option is engineered quartz, a highly durable man-made material made from ground stone pieces and resins. Engineered quartz has the look and feel of natural stone, but is more stain resistant and scratch resistant than any natural stone.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have been the dream of home buyers everywhere for a long time. Kitchen islands add counter space and cabinet space as well as a place for guests to sit while the home owner cooks and prepares food. Home sellers who want to make their kitchen more functional may consider installing a task sink in the kitchen island, to make food preparation easier.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a part of a larger design movement to open up the kitchen and make the space less confining. Open shelving puts on display all items in the cabinets, from plates to cups. In a kitchen where kitchenware is attractively matched (or attractively mismatched), open shelving can be a big a bonus. It’s casual and fun, and distinguished from cabinetry.

However, homeowners should consider the downsides of open shelving before installing it. Dishes kept on open shelving may need to be re-washed regularly to avoid grease, dust and buildup. In addition, open shelving must be kept orderly in order to look its best for home buyers. In this way, open shelving can be something of a commitment that requires regular maintenance in order to look its best.

Apron Front Cast Iron Sink

Apron front cast iron sinks are wide, spacious and decidedly different from the standard drop-in mount kitchen sinks found in many homes. Apron front sinks have a quality reminiscent of farm houses, which makes them a perfect addition to any farmhouse style kitchen. In addition, cast iron sinks are durable, attractive and sustainable, which makes them extra attractive to modern home buyers.

White, Black and Gray

As far as appliance and interior paint colors go, white and varying shades of cream were the colors of choice in kitchens for many years, and that’s still going strong. People like the fresh, clean look of white on the walls, counters and other surfaces in the kitchen.

Kitchen Decor

Kitchen Decor

Lately, black accents have been thrown into the mix to make the kitchen subtly more defined. Black and white kitchens are distinctive and memorable, which makes them a smart choice for home sellers. For home sellers who don’t like the strong contrasts of black and white, gray represents a smart middle ground that’s easy on the eyes, allows the kitchen to flow organically and adds a sense of sophistication to the room.

Consult With an Agent

Making expensive or extensive changes to your kitchen in the hopes of boosting your home’s value can be a smart idea, but not all homeowners know what home buyers want. Consulting with a real estate agent before remodeling can give the project direction and can make remodeling more productive.

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