Birthstone Jewelry That Moms and Grandmothers Loves

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Birthstone Jewelry That Moms and Grandmothers Loves

Birthstone Jewelry That Moms and Grandmothers Loves

Jewelry has always been a great gift idea that is treasured by moms and grandmothers, but what’s better, when it comes to owning jewelry, is jewelry with meaning that connects you to the people holding your heart.

Birthstones represent who we are and, throughout history, have been known as the universal gems that bring hope and health to their wearer. Each birthstone has a unique history and meaning. They are often worn, especially by mothers and grandmothers, as remembrances of their children and grandchildren, keeping their progeny symbolically close to their hearts.

Birthstones correlate with the month you are born in. There are twelve different gemstones representing each calendar month.

Sapphire Jewel Gem

Sapphire Jewel Gem

A Low-Cost Alternative

Jewelry can get expensive, especially with multiple gemstones or big crystals that are associated with birthstones. The good news is that jewelry is a great DIY project and can show even more meaning for your mom or grandmother if you make it yourself, or you make a piece together. It is something your mother or grandmother will truly treasure, and, at the same time, won’t break the bank.

Simple Strand Bracelet

A bracelet can show off birthstones and is also a great project if you are a beginning jewelry maker. The first step is to pick out your beads—the birthstones you want, as well as smaller, filler beads to go in between the birthstones. Then pick out a strand. The stronger the strand, the better and longer your bracelet will stay together.

A lot of people will use wire or leather strands to put their beads on to keep the movement of string but still have strength in the bracelet.

Secure a clasp on one end of your strand, slide your beads on in the order you want, and secure the other end with the matching clasp. That’s it!

Hint: Using smaller filler beads can leave room for you to make multiple, stackable bracelets, and many options to match outfits.



Wrapped Bracelet

Looking for something more contemporary? Wrapped bracelets are typically made with leather and beads and have a more relaxed style to them. These are perfect for an everyday wear and can easily complete a variety of different outfits—perfect for the mom or grandmother on the go, and an easy accessory to throw on while you’re running out of the house.

This video shows two different ways to make this type of bracelet, both of which are quick and easy.

Any beads can be used for the bracelets, but it will make it easier if your beads are all the same size. You can choose to use birthstones of the same size throughout the bracelet or choose to use smaller beads with one bigger birthstone in the middle.

Layered Necklace

A layered necklace is perfect for the mom or grandmother who is a fashionista. Layers are popular for 2017, so keep your mom and grandmother current with this style. Use the birthstone and glitz it up with a few gemstone beads, or put your mom or grandmother’s birthstone in the middle and surround it with the birthstones of their children.

There is a lot of room for creativity with this style because you can add multiple layers or keep it simple with one or two.

If you want to add more layers, you simply repeat the same steps for the first layer. You can choose to clasp the layers together to make a quick, one-step clasp, or you can create separate necklaces to leave the layering choices to your mom or grandmother.

Repurpose old jewelry to put even more meaning into your creation by using wire cutters to clip out the part you want to put into the necklace and clasp it to the end of the strand. The recipient will love to explain the birthstones and meaning behind every piece to friends and family, and will be the center of attention with her sparkling jewels.

Wire Wrapped Ring

Traditionally, rings have a lot of significance for the giver and the wearer. Rings can symbolize a promise, a milestone in a relationship, the people you love or even an achievement like graduation.

A ring with birthstones shows off the special people in your life. This is the perfect choice for moms and grandmothers with one to three children. Depending on the size of your beads, typical rings can fit one to three beads along the band of the ring.



More children than that? Try multiple rings that can be stacked on your finger! This is a quick and inexpensive project because there is not a lot of material going into the piece.

No matter what creation you choose, the special lady in your life will love the sentimental meaning of birthstone jewelry. Having birthstones of those you love close to your heart is something mom and grandmothers can really enjoy and will always appreciate receiving as a gift.

Finally, to make the jewelry even more meaningful, you can get together with your mom and grandmother to make birthstone jewelry together! Have a girls’ day filled with beads and gems to bond over jewelry making and learning about your individual birthstones.

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