Cool Bedroom Decorations for Bigger Look

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Cool Bedroom Decorations for Bigger Look

Cool Bedroom Decorations for Bigger Look

Not everyone can afford a spacious home or apartment floor. Either you have your own house or a rented accommodation, you would like to decorate it in a way that gives a larger view.

Decorating a house or a specific room is not always about fancy items. Accommodating your furniture in the best way is also an art. We have bought around 20 tricks, you can apply while setting up your room for bigger look.

Bedroom Decor

Bedroom Decor

1. While adding the same colored drapes as of your walls gives a substantial look, and sheer drapes can add a lot more.

2. More the natural light, the more fresh look it gives to a room.

3. Armchairs and sofa with thin legs, adds space and feels light.

4. Get rid of the unwanted items and make space for some sensible furniture.

5. A light and neutral color palette helps in achieving a wider look.

6. Plain coloured small printed rugs and fabrics provide a unified atmosphere.

7. Multifunctional compact furniture that can be used both as a table and seating should be considered.

8. If placed a couple of big mirrors, one can have roomy reflections. A well angled mirror can enhance the room visually

9. Bedding is an equally important part of any bedroom. The best pillows and bed sheets are those made with organic cotton. Alternately, you can have cotton fabric ones for a calm feel and sleep.

10. You can add bookcases aligned wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling to give a look of high ceiling and it adds storage to the room as well.

11. Try to buy the furniture that can be wheeled, stacked or folded so that you can remove or adjust it according to your needs.

12. You not need to utilize every shelf in your room. Keeping some free gives an open look.

13. The furniture you buy should match the walls and curtains for consistent display.

14. Generally, we have a practice of placing all furniture items against the walls, which is not the best practice. Some items should be left alone in a little space around for feel free look.

15. When it comes to paint a room it should be painted in shades of single color such as blue with all the trimming and detailing.

16. If there is a false pop ceiling it should be painted in bright color which drives a high ceiling illusion.

17. If there is no privacy issue, then uncovered windows gives a natural look to the room.

18. For the flooring you must consider wooden or vitrified tiles with stripes. This gives a non-ending glance to the viewer.

19. A small room can also be as dramatic as the big one. Huge art pieces, if placed well can bring a classic ambience.

20. Proper lighting in the room can let every corner glow. Where there is no light, that space or corner fails to count in the view. So enlighten the room with enough lamps.

Bedroom Decor

Bedroom Decor

We have practically used these ideas to present you the whole picture. We hope you will find them helpful.

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