DIY Home Decor for the Bathroom

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DIY Home Decor for the Bathroom

DIY Home Decor for the Bathroom

If you want the most bang for your buck, one of the best rooms to remodel in your house or apartment is the bathroom.  A modern looking bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank though.  There are many items you can repurpose to transform your outdated water closet into a thing of beauty.

When doing a bathroom remodel, the biggest thing to consider is storage.  The bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in our living space, but we keep lots of items in there.  Soap, shampoo, towels, medications, shaving supplies, toothbrushes, hair brushes, toothpaste, hair dryer, you get the idea.  Where to put everything becomes a major issue.  There are tons of DIY ideas to maximize your storage space while updating your bathroom decor.  In this article we are going to focus on achieving that with upcycled items you should be able to find locally.

One idea is to repurpose an old piece of furniture into a new vanity.  One piece of furniture you could turn into a vanity would be an old dresser.  A dresser makes a great vanity because it isn’t difficult to find one the right height.  Plus they come in a range of widths and depths to fit your desired space.  Dressers usually have plenty of drawers, perfect for storing items, and often include a mirror.  Dressers also include hardware, which could save you a few additional dollars.  A fresh coat of paint on an old dresser could make it look modern, and a shabby chic look is easily obtained.  Adding a sink is as simple as cutting a hole in the top and cutting holes in the back or bottom for the plumbing.  Many modern sinks have the appearance of a bowl sitting on top of the vanity.  These sinks look perfect sitting on top of an old dresser.  With today’s selection of faucets, it shouldn’t be hard to find one that looks great with the dresser’s hardware.  If you want you can add a stone or tile counter top, or epoxy the top to make it water resistant.  If you can’t find a dresser with an attached mirror you can repurpose a hanging mirror and paint the frame your desired color.

Another piece of furniture you might want to consider upcycling into a vanity is an old desk.  These can also be found in a variety of sizes to fit your desired height, depth, and width.  One nice thing about an old desk is there is less material to be removed for the plumbing under the sink.  Desks often feature drawers or cabinets on each side of the sitting area, which become great storage space when used as a vanity.  Once again a water resistant top can be added if desired and hardware is generally included.

If you are going with a simplistic look, you may even want to consider an old table.  These can also be repurposed as vanities although with little to no storage space.

One storage space that is often overlooked is right above the toilet.  This is a great place for shelves or a storage cabinet.  One item you might want to consider upcycling is an old window.  This makes a great face for a storage cabinet.  Now you have a trendy place to store medications and other small items.  Once again, you can paint or stain the frame to match your decor.

Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Decor

Another idea for storage above the toilet would be shelves.  You could repurpose several items into shelves, but nothing is simpler than a couple of wide boards and some angle brackets.  Simply cut the boards to your desired width and then screw the brackets to the wall.  Once again color choices are endless.

One item you don’t want to overlook is a towel rack.  These are great space savers and there are several items you could repurpose for the task.  Galvanized plumbing pipe can be an option.  Simply screw together a 24” straight piece with two right angle pieces and a couple 2” straight pieces to thread into the wall brackets.  Screw the wall brackets at the desired height for an industrial look.  Other items that could be repurposed into a towel rack could be a chair back, a short curtain rod, a picture frame, or a table leg.

These are just some examples of items that can be upcycled in a bathroom remodel project.  So the next time you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, skip the big box store and check out the local thrift store instead.  You just might find that perfect piece without blowing your budget.

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