DIY Home Improvement: Quick Jobs to Bring Your Home Back To Life

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DIY Home Improvement: Quick Jobs to Bring Your Home Back To Life

DIY Home Improvement: Quick Jobs to Bring Your Home Back To Life

We’ve all been in that situation where the garden is overgrown, there a few squeaky door handles and hinges and the house is due a paint. For most of us we don’t have the time to do everything that is needed and the to-do list seems bottomless. It feels like you need to pause time or grow an extra set of arms. With some careful management it’s not actually that tricky and you can get your house back on track and looking upgraded in one free weekend.

Here are 8 quick, easy and cheap jobs to give your hours a new lease of life…

Spice Up the Front of Your House: Door Renovation

Begin by stepping outside and observing the front of your house. Now, if it’s due a paint, it’s due a paint but that will take some time. For now assess the small things that can be changed. Start with the front door, this is an easy job and if it’s in need of an upgrade go about upgrading it. Grab the tool box, take the door off of it’s hinges and lay it somewhere safe where dripping paint won’t be an issue. Paint it a colour that adds character and brings new life into the home – dark or pastel shades of reds, greens and blues are all beautiful but controlled colours that inject a new pulse into your home.

If you’ve got a squeaky or broken door handle buy a new handle at a cheap price and give your door a new gleam with brand new door furniture – the family are going to be impressed!

Add a couple of beautiful garden planters next to the door to give it a new charm and fill them with coloured flowers that combine nicely with the colour of your new door. This might sound like a fair bit of work but if you step into gear the door can be done in under a few hours and the rest just needs a quick trip to the garden centre. If you’ve got time to kill and are you’re deadly serious about neatening up your home’s external appearance have a look at upgrading those plant beds with some garden edging that will keep them controlled for the winter and will make keeping on top of your home a lot easier in the future.

Upgrading the Walls: Wallpaper and Mirrors

Next up – step inside and assess the surrounding walls of the hallways and each room. What’s it looking like? Painting an entire room can be a chore, moving everything out and in, laying down sheets, it all takes a while. Instead, have a look at painting one wall, or even better – wallpaper one wall.

One wall painted in a controlled blue or green shade, or a pastel colour can look beautiful next to more neutral colours and give a unique touch. The same goes for a wallpapered wall. This can be done quickly and adds a brilliant new touch to a room. It is completely down to taste of course, whether you want to go all out with a vibrant design or reign it in with a simple design, but it is an addition that really gives something extra to a home and covers up a dirty or neglected wall.

Another effective job is to use mirrors to fill empty walls. These reflect light and make rooms feel more open and brighter. Large mirrors may seem extravagant and pricey but they can be found in charity shops and markets for next to nothing and they do a world of good in improving your walls.

Let There Be Light: Windows and Window Furniture

Houses can often become a lot more comfortable places when they are properly adapted to benefit from natural light. This is an important point to consider and can really change the atmosphere of your house.

Exposure to natural light is known to have positive effects on health, happiness and productivity. So begin by removing anything that is blocking the windows and let these be the focus of the room. If needed, shuffle your furniture around so that any natural light can best flood the room.

Whilst giving your room a new look upgrade your window furniture and invest in some new curtains if your current ones are a bit past their peak. A good pair of curtains keep up to 40% more heat in but also look stunning.

DIY Home Improvement

DIY Home Improvement

The Heart of the Home: Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Bins

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and for good reason. It is here you spend most of your time and here where the most important activities of the day take place.

An entire kitchen redesign is going to cost a significant amount so unless you really do mean business, kitchen counters are something that should be left for another time. Instead, assess where the problems are and address them. Painting the cabinets is an easy job that can completely change the mood of your kitchen. Or changing the doors altogether. Glass doors create the illusion of more space and open the kitchen up but they also look fancy. You don’t need to change every door either, just one or two doors in the correct places upgraded to glass doors is a beautiful touch.

Another fantastic trick is the pull-out bin. This is a real space saver and clears out your kitchen to give the sense of more space and clarity. With a bin located behind closed doors in the kitchen, it is easily accessible but out of view. It’s better for both general hygiene and your kitchen’s appearance.  With many different types of under-the-counter bins available, you will be able to find something for you without a problem.

Without a bin in the open your kitchen floor will inevitably become a cleaner place. For a nice touch add a good quality kitchen rug to provide a warm surface to walk on when the floor is cold in the morning.

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