Best of English Handmade Shoes

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Best of English Handmade Shoes

Best of English Handmade Shoes

Many big names and characters in the UK are rarely seen without a pair of English Handmade shoes, including Prince Charles and James Bond. Even David Beckham loves a good pair of English Handmade Shoes. So if they are good enough for these famous and popular people, then they must be good enough for all you men out there. Here are some of the most popular brands of English Handmade Shoes.

Alfred Sargent

Alfred Sargent shoes are a very popular brand of English Handmade shoes, which originated in Northampton in 1899. The company was set up by Alfred Sargent himself, and his two sons, Frank and Harry. In 1915, Sargent moved his business into a factory in Rushden, Northampton, which was the first factory built in this area; it is also the current Alfred Sargent factory where the fantastic handmade shoes are still being created better than ever.

Alfred Sargent 300x262 Best of English Handmade Shoes

Alfred Sargent Shoes


This is another popular English Handmade Shoe Brand that originated in Northampton. The business began with two friends, Mark Jeffery and Guy West. They first began their business when they were 16-years-old in 1987 and they are still making some of the finest English Handmade Shoes; in fact, they are of such high quality that David Beckham, Daniel Craig, Rio Ferdinand and Russell Brand have all been spotted wearing the infamous Jeffery-West shoes.

Jeffery West 300x266 Best of English Handmade Shoes

Jeffery West Shoes

Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones was also founded in Northampton by James Crockett and Charles Jones (brothers-in-law); the business has been making great quality shoes since 1879. The company is currently run by the fifth generation of the family and is still a popular choice for anyone searching for great quality English Handmade Shoes.

Crockett and Jones 300x255 Best of English Handmade Shoes

Crockett and Jones Shoes

Sanders & Sanders

Another Northampton based company is Sanders & Sanders; the company was founded in 1873 by William and Thomas Sanders and their aim was to create great quality men’s shoes and that was successful. They have been creating fantastic quality shoes for over 100 years and they are a popular brand.

Sanders and Sanders 300x300 Best of English Handmade Shoes

Sanders and Sanders Shoes

Joseph Cheaney and Sons

This fantastic English Handmade Shoe company was founded by Joseph Cheaney in 1886 in Northampton (yes, another Northampton based company). This company has a variety of shoe ranges, including the classic range, the imperial range and the contemporary range; so there is bound to be something that interests everyone!

Joseph Cheaney and Sons 300x300 Best of English Handmade Shoes

Joseph Cheaney and Sons Shoes

All of these Northampton shoe makers produce great quality handmade shoes and they have done for many years; this allows you to trust the fact that you are getting what you pay for and the shoes are of a high standard.

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