How to Fit Your TV Into Modern Interiors

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How to Fit Your TV Into Modern Interiors

How to Fit Your TV Into Modern Interiors

TV sets are bigger and better than they have ever been. One thing hasn’t changed though: TVs seem just as heavy as ever, which is why it can be a headache finding the best way to incorporate one into a new, uncluttered modern home.

The delicate balance

The key lies in the balancing act between supporting the weight of the TV and maintaining the aesthetics of the room. A massive TV, whether on a wall or freestanding, can easily dominate a room, drawing the eye and ruining any relaxing, pleasant ambiance – as well as clashing with the overall aesthetic. There are two main ways of dealing with this.

The TV cabinet

One popular solution is to semi-conceal the TV in a dedicated piece of furniture. The old cabinet with doors trick is known to most of us from our school days, and combined with a modern stylish cabinet, it both enables the TV to become part of the theme of the room and to be completely hidden when not in use. Recessed niches in walls often create a similar effect, while other solutions along this line include installation in picture frames, fireplaces or mirrors, although you have to be very sure of the outcome here!

Designer supports

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Fit Your TV Into Modern Interiors

The other, increasingly popular solution is to mount the TV on adjustable supports. This has previously only really been viable for homes with strong walls and beams, and the supports themselves have limited the choice to only smaller models of television. Nowadays, with supports such as Vogels TV brackets, the heaviest sets can be accommodated, and with enough designer style to incorporate a wall or ceiling-mounted TV into the look of the rest of your living space.

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