Handmade Calendar 2012

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Handmade Calendar 2012

Handmade Calendar 2012

Calendar year 2012 has started and we say Happy new year to all the readers of this post. With start of new year, everyone starts changing the calendars from his wall, desk, pocket and all other places where one would like to place the calendars. Like me, most of the people prefer handmade calendar expressing their ideas and skills in their own way.

Keeping the choices in consideration where people mostly places the calendars, many types of calendars are available in the market and when we want to make a handmade calendar we must consider the design to be relative to its location. So we can divide calendars into following types:

  • Wall hanging Calendars
  • Magnetic or Sticky Calendars (normally attached to fridge, car or any other sticky surface)
  • Desktop Calendars
  • Pocket sized calendars
  • Diary or Book Calendars

Now a days calendars are not much costly but still making a calendar yourself or getting a handmade calendar gives immense pleasure. There could be many different reasons and ideas to make a handmade calender. Either you can make a mini calender using your family photo and always put it in your pocket or it can contain collection of your favorite characters and hang it at your wall or it can have many custom made tags and targets which you want to achieve in coming year and place the calendar at your office desk.

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