Handmade Scrapbook Making Tips

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Handmade Scrapbook Making Tips

Handmade Scrapbook Making Tips

Perhaps you want to preserve your memory of your family’s milestones or maybe you want to give someone a more personal gift that would serve as a wonderful memento of your relationship with each other. If you are including photos, artwork or any printed media in your work, then you are already starting to make a scrapbook. This post provides you with handmade scrapbook making tips that would be useful for the entire scrapbooking process.

Basic Stuff Required:

  • Various Pens and Markers
  • Cardstocks and Paper
  • Adhesive
  • Paper Trimmers or a Pair of Scissors

Aside from the stuff mentioned, you could also add more creativity by including all-natural art materials like egg shells, leaves, wire, pressed or dried flowers and rocks. In addition to this, there are other unique ways that make your scrapbook a lot more artistic and memorable.

Handmade scrapbook making tips 300x268 Handmade Scrapbook Making Tips

Handmade scrapbook making tips

Four Distinctive Scrapbook Designs

  1. Cross Stitch

    Just recently, many people have found the beauty and inimitability that cross stitch could do to their scrapbooks. If you think you cannot fill an entire page with a cross stitched image, you could always decide to create one in a tiny piece of cloth, and start from there. Don’t know what patterns to include? Simply check out the countless cross stitch patterns that the World Wide Web could offer.

    Cross Stitch Scrapbook 300x297 Handmade Scrapbook Making Tips

    Cross Stitch Scrapbook

  2. Stickers

    On the other hand, if you are running out of time or if you no longer have enough time to finish your scrapbook, then you might want to consider using stickers. Choose the ones that are appropriate to the theme of your scrapbook. If you want to take advantage of this, you might even select letter stickers for the title and headers of each page.

    Sticker Scrapbook 210x300 Handmade Scrapbook Making Tips

    Sticker Scrapbook

  3. Pleating

    Another material used by most scrapbookers is pre-made pleated brads and buttons. Other embellishments could also be used, but you could certainly use cards, papers and ribbons as backgrounds if you decide to pleat your materials on your own.

    Pleating Scrapbook 300x225 Handmade Scrapbook Making Tips

    Pleating Scrapbook

  4. Stamps and Photos

    While stamps are great for including a wide array of styles and colors to your work, photographs are almost a staple material to finally complete one’s scrapbook. You just have to bear in mind that these materials must be placed in an acid-free paper so that the pages would not become brittle, and their color would not deteriorate to a yellowish color as time goes by.

    stamps and photo scrapbook 300x300 Handmade Scrapbook Making Tips

    stamps and photo scrapbook

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