Organizing Your Home – Interior Designing

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Organizing Your Home – Interior Designing

Organizing Your Home – Interior Designing

Revamping the house becomes very important when you have been living in the place for several years. This does not necessarily need a full-fledged renovation involving a cumbersome and long duration reconstruction. Simple interior designing techniques can give a completely renewed look to your home. Not only that, interior designing can also help you create more space, better inflow of light and as a result of this, make your home look very organised.

Interior Designing 300x199 Organizing Your Home   Interior Designing

Interior Designing

There are various ways to start organizing and designing your home and the most important aspect remains decluttering of the house. Here are a few quick tips that can help you from the basics:

Furniture with Storage Space

It is likely that you will buy some new furniture while redesigning your room. As a matter of fact, you will buy or you do have storage like chest of drawers, cupboards, etc. which are excellent for storage. But then, these basic items are already full with stuff to the brim. So what should you do now?

Well, the answer to this question is buying furniture which has hidden storage space. For instance, nowadays you get sofas, center tables, side tables and almost everything with a hidden column meant for storage. These furniture items are very useful as they serve their basic purpose and also function as storage spaces where you could put in all the clutter. The larger spaces like those underneath a bed or a sofa are commonly used for linens, woolen clothing, etc.

Storage Enabled Furniture Sofa 300x225 Organizing Your Home   Interior Designing

Storage Enabled Furniture – Sofa

You could check for such storage enabled furniture items at an interior design company or a home staging store.

Utilize every Nook and Alcove

Most of us find an alcove in the room as a useless feature which is only making it difficult to place the furniture in a symmetrical way. When the reality is that an alcove or a recess in the room is a very useful feature, especially when it comes to fitting storage furniture there. You can make a cupboard or a chest of drawers to fit into an alcove and just imagine the space you will save by placing a large cabinet into the alcove and not placing it against a straight wall. Sometimes these awkward spaces can be used very well to create more space and organize the stuff better.

Alcove Shelves 278x300 Organizing Your Home   Interior Designing

Alcove Shelves

Just in case you do not want to spend upon more furniture to place in the alcove, you could turn it into a nice cosy seating with chair and a table. Or, if nothing else then just put some of the clutter away and screen off with drapery.

Shelves are Easy and Useful

This is a very common yet ignored design tip which can help systematize a room and make best use of space without looking cluttered.  Shelves are not very expensive if you plan to keep the budget down while revamping. They look great just about anywhere in the house – living room, bedroom, kitchens and bathrooms! A shelf is easy to put up, economical, less space consuming and still functions as a great alternative to cluttered table-tops.

10 Floating Book Shelf 221x300 Organizing Your Home   Interior Designing

Floating Book Shelf

Shelves are most suitable for storing books, your daily belongings, decorative pieces, etc. and adds a plus to your interior designing.

Home Staging 300x200 Organizing Your Home   Interior Designing

Home Staging

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