Few Perfect Handmade Dresses for this summer

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Few Perfect Handmade Dresses for this summer

Few Perfect Handmade Dresses for this summer

Summer is fast approaching. So why not welcome it with style? Here are a few handmade dresses that are great picks for this coming summer.

The Shift Dress

Show off those legs and shoulders with the handmade dresses: the shift dress. This type of summer get up hangs by the shoulders and flows downward in a straight manner. It is pretty much a remake of the 60’s fashion only that it flows freely rather than tightly embracing the curves. This type of dress is perfect for summer because it allows good circulation of air, plus, it highlights your legs with its knee high length. Also, this type of dress does not discriminate body sizes so women who are light built to moderate built are welcome to walk it out.

Handmade Shift Dress 257x300 Few Perfect Handmade Dresses for this summer

Handmade Shift Dress

Crochet Dress

Now this is a guaranteed head turner and may require grit and confidence to pull off. Although these handmade dresses features glamorous radiance, sadly, it not for women with moderate to heavy built because of the crochet material does not expand unlike other materials. All in all, the material is very comfortable especially if it wraps around your curves. It is available in off-shoulder design and is definitely the most breathable dress among the selection.

Handmade Crochet Dress 295x300 Few Perfect Handmade Dresses for this summer

Handmade Crochet Dress

Floral Tunics

These types of handmade dresses are really eye warming not only because of its floral design but also for its added belt feature. Since the dress loosely flows down to the knees, the belt gives out those lady curves along the hips. Also, the shoulders are partly bare giving room for imagination while legs are well exposed giving you that sexy-cute appeal. This type of dress has been around the ages dating back from as early as the early Roman regime. So overall it has a taste of classic with twist of summer.

Beautiful Floral Tunic 240x300 Few Perfect Handmade Dresses for this summer

Beautiful Floral Tunic

Poncho Dress

Go for a hot Latina look this summer with the Poncho dress. This type of dress flows down freely from the shoulders down to arms and straight to the knees. It is pretty much like the tunic only that the sleeves go as far as the elbows and continues down to the knees like a square piece of mantle. You could either wear it on or off-shoulder depending on how sexy you want look for summer.


Poncho Outfit for Summer 225x300 Few Perfect Handmade Dresses for this summer

Poncho Outfit for Summer

Maxi Dress

These type of handmade dresses will help you to dress up like a queen. It is elegant, breathable as well as exquisite. It hangs by the neck and flows all the way down to the floor. Also, one great feature of this dress is that it actually makes you look slimmer and more fashionable like a box office theatre queen.

Simple Blue Maxi 225x300 Few Perfect Handmade Dresses for this summer

Simple Blue Maxi

Choosing the right handmade dresses for the summer can take up your time and money. However, always remember that as long as you are comfortable wearing it and confident walking in it, it is you who made the dress great and not the other way around.

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